Dr. Karl Jawhari D.C. is the founder of Core Integrative Health and Dallas Spine and Disc. He established these centers to provide medical solutions and relief to thousands of Americans who are living with chronic pain. Along with a passionate team of four Doctors of Chiropractic and a medical doctor, his practice offers non-invasive, drug-free solutions for those who have tried nearly everything else, or have been told that surgery is their only option. He is also certified Health Coach by the U.S. Wellness Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Karl Jawhari’s D.C.work is backed by 17 years-worth of research and reviews. It is his goal that all his patients achieve long-lasting relief through healthy methods that promote wellness throughout the entire body. For conditions ranging from arthritis, back pain, bulging discs, facet syndrome, herniated discs, inflammation, migraines, neck pain, neuropathies, post-surgical recovery, sciatica, stenosis, and whiplash, Dr. Jawhari’s D.C. team of doctors help patients return to a functioning, pain-free physical state. By utilizing revolutionary decompression and laser treatments in combination with proper exercise and diet, the medical team gets under control the forces that push, pinch, and irritate the nerves in the back, even for those who have been dealing with symptoms their entire life.