Dr. Karl Jawhari D.C. was a Teacher Assistant at Life University in Marrietta, GA where he taught colleagues chiropractor techniques that have proven to be effective. He is also the author of “How Hormones Are Making You Fat” and co-authored “Neck Pain, You Don’t Want It, You Don’t Need It” and “The Little Black Book of Fitness.” With a career spanning 15 years-worth of research and peer reviews, Dr. Karl Jawhari D.C. established Core Integrative Health and Dallas Spine and Disc to provide innovative medical solutions and relief to thousands of Americans who are living with chronic pain. His health centers received A+ reviews from the Better Business Bureau.

As a national speaker for the Health Awareness Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes health and wellness in local communities, Dr. Karl Jawhari D.C. educates employees and creates healthier environments through interactive workshops. As a specialist in Advanced Medical Integration, Dr. Jawhari D.C. has been published in Dallas newspapers and appeared on CBS and local channel television shows to discuss new and innovative solutions to chronic pain.